Be Your Hero


In 1999, I went through a period in my life I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.  My husband’s grandmother died, one month later my father was diagnosed with bone cancer and one week later I almost died giving birth to our very premature son and in saving my life, he died two days later.  This whole experience made me realize that life is very precious.  Little did I know at the time, it was a lesson I needed to go through so that I could be who I am today. 


The year following the death of my son, Garrick, was not an easy road either.  As people love to say “time heals and the pain of losing someone will lessen each year” Yeah, Right!!!  The pain of losing a child whether they spend one minute or a lifetime in your arms forms a bond and difficult does not begin to describe the pain and suffering you take on. Within 9 months after burying Garrick, we also buried my husband’s Aunt and my Dad.  However, in the midst of all this a miracle was created.  I had a little angel growing within me.  This angel gave me the final push I required to get onto my path.  The path I was meant to journey on; the healing path. 


Four years after Garrick went home; my son re-introduced me to the spiritual world and what a journey it has been.  He started to see a “spirit” around our house.  So being the brave Mom that I was, I started to research into “what/who was it” and if my son was “psychic” how could I help him.  It was through this discovery that a whole new world opened up for both me and my husband.  We both started to attended courses and events and began to research different healing modalities and areas of interest. 


I learned ways to heal the spirit, helping me to accept and lessen the burden and pain I was feeling and holding onto unnecessarily.  I had no idea how the anger I held affected those around me, the uncontrollable mood swings my poor husband had to put up with because I would rather mask and hide my pain then deal with it head on.  It was through Alternative Medicine and Holistic Healing (Reiki, New Decision Therapy, Soul Sauna, Meditation, etc) that I fully began to heal my shattered heart and my spirit.  It took me almost 10 years to figure out that you can still have the memories but you don’t need to hold onto the pain attached to it.  You can still remember but you need to live your life now, not what it might have been.


My message to you is to “Be Your Hero”.  No one can do it for you but you must be willing to take the first step.   If you are willing and able to do the baby step, you will be on the path to healing you.  


Natalie Muir

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