Rodney and Natalie are great! I've been battling over the craving for red wine for years now. Thanks to NLP and a session I now have no craving for any wine which is awesome. I can go home after work, tired and relax over a glass of mineral water. No calories. No hangover. Savings to my pocket. Thank you Natalie and Rod. 
M.C., Newmarket 

The Muir Group has really helped me overcome obstacles and difficulties I have been faced with over the last year. When I started my sessions Oct 2012 I felt very broken and lost. I had almost forgotten who I was. Since my sessions with the Muir Group my friends and family have notice big positive changes in the way I act and perceive things. After going through a difficult break up I was not open to finding love again, I just wanted to focus on myself and getting me back to a healthy state of mind, body and spirit. Giving myself time to heal and with the help of the Muir Group I have never felt more confident and happy. I am a much more positive person and I am much more open to new opportunities, experiences and to finding that someone special. I try to let go of any negative feelings I am having and trying harder to embrace and enjoy the good things in life. I am very happy and I finally truly feel like myself again. 
L.R., Queensville 

Going to Natalie’s meditation night gives me a chance to not only relax and refresh, but it helps me shed a layer of something I don’t need anymore. This is not your ordinary meditation class! Natalie has a unique way of intuitively guiding us to places that show us more of who we are and what we need, and every time is different! Natalie’s meditation nights are the most safe, gentle and easiest way to help me progress forward on my journey.
J.V., Newmarket 

I have undergone New Decision Therapy and found it very helpful in releasing me from guilt I did not know I was carrying around. The practitioner was professional and made me feel at ease. I feel freer than I have in a long time. Thank you. 
M. B., Bradford 

I thought, "what have I got to lose?" and was truly, pleasantly surprised with my results. I honestly feel better after New Decision Therapy! 
J.T., Newmarket 

I wanted to thank you for all the insight you have given me at our sessions. Although this journey is ongoing and always challenging, I have come to a place where I am paying attention to my thoughts, actions and emotions and trying to do what is best for me. Sometimes I feel like I am taking a step back but in general, I feel like I've come a long way and looking forward to continuing on this path of self-discovery and self-acceptance. There was a time when everything felt so overwhelming and hard to deal with (I still have a long way to go) but I am trying to honour myself, my feelings and my wants and needs and keeping a positive outlook on the future. The dynamics of some of my relationships (with family, friends and otherwise) have changed slightly (or maybe the change is bigger than what I can see or feel!!) and it is all for best. I just wanted to say that this would not have happened without your help and guidance!!
R.P., Toronto

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